Freebie: Our Best Selling Secret Recipe That You Have to Try

A lot of time people stop by just to get one of our famous Ride or Fry recipes. Our recipes have been handed down from one generation to another, and in most cases we feel very sentimental about simply handing them out. You are in luck today however, we’ve decided to share with you one of our best selling recipes. Grab a pen and paper, or bookmark this page!

Ride or Fry’s Famous Chilli Poppers

Definitely our number one, you should strap on your big boy/girl boots as these are very spciy!

What You’ll Need

Some fresh jalapenos, a tub of cream cheese, a little bit of garlic and onion powder, ground cumin and salt for seasoning, 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 cups breadcrumbs.

You’ll also need some oil for frying.

Let’s get down to Business

First, you want to cut the jalapenos open and remove all the pips. Next, you’re going to spoon the cream cheese into the pepper. Lastly, you mix all the dry ingredients and add the milk. Mix it well until you have a lovely batter.

Heat your oil and fry!

These are amazing when served with a fresh homemade salsa. But, you can also just buy from the store. Whatever floats your boat!

Tip:  If you don’t like deep fried stuff all that much, wrap each jalapeno in bacon, and bake in the oven until brown and crispy. Yum!

Our poppers sell like hotcakes! Have you tried them before? Let us know in the comment section how yours came out! If you have any specific favourite Ride or Fly recipe that you just have to try to make at home, you can send us an email and keep an eye on our blog posts.