About Ride or Fry

Not your ordinary food truck – oh no! We’re always on the go, bringing great food to the great people in and around New South Wales wherever they are in need.  Needless to say, our mouthwatering menu caters for one and all.

Back in 2010 Cooper Maitland (our Gastronomical Genius) was hungry. It was at lunchtime. But he could not find anything nearly good enough to eat. As a devoted foodie, Cooper saw the need for the one-of-a-kind, tastebud tantalizing food truck that is known today as Ride or Fry.

The fun doesn’t stop right there, though. When Cooper founded Ride or Fry he never would have known just how successful his concept food truck service would be. The company now boasts several professional chefs and more than one truck servicing the greater New South Wales area daily. That’s not all. We also love catering for special functions. Whether it is a corporate company shindig or a special event like a wedding. We even do festivals.

Whether you’re a fan of good old-fashioned deep fried chicken or some spicy nachos, our menu is sure to satisfy the peckish or the absolutely ravenous. Our guarantee to you is high-quality meals made with the freshest and organic ingredients.